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Filmpje Valcke

Filmpje vimeo Valcke

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Expectancy-Value Theory

Wikipedia Expectancy-value theory was originally created in order to explain and predict individual’s attitudes toward objects and actions. Originally the work of psychologist Martin Fishbein, the theory states that attitudes are developed and modified based on assessments about beliefs and

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Wikipedia Self-concept (also called self-construction, self-identity or self-perspective) is a multi-dimensional construct that refers to an individual’s perception of “self” in relation to any number of characteristics, such as academics (and nonacademics) gender roles and sexuality racial identity,and many others.

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Wikipedia : Self-efficacy is the measure of one’s own ability to complete tasks and reach goals. Psychologists have studied self-efficacy from several perspectives, noting various paths in the development of self-efficacy; the dynamics of self-efficacy, and lack thereof, in different

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Cognitive apprenticeship

Constructivist approaches to human learning have led to the development of a theory of cognitive apprenticeship. Wikipedia

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Filmpjes voor LA1 leeractiviteit 3

In het kader van LA1, leeractiviteit 3 hebben we als leerteam de volgende filmpjes over onderwijs verzameld.

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TED Video: Geoff Mulgan, A short intro to the Studio School

Video van TED, ik vond het niet zo spectaculair. Veel aandacht voor betekenis, groepswerk , praktijk, werkelijke projecten. Volgens mij proberen we dat bij mijn opleidingen ook.

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Existentialism and learning is discussed  Jarvis, part 1 Definition extentialism according to wikipedia http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Existentialisme “Opposite” to Extistentialism  stands (Cartesian) dualism Definition “Cartesian” dualism according to wikipedia On YouTube I found two introductions on existentialism NB bij beide kan je Engelse ondertiteling aanzetten. Ze zijn onderdeel van het

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