Jarvis, chapter 1 A philosophical perspective om human learning

Some kind of summary

See post on existentialism

Because we are, we both think and act and by so doing we learn and, therefore, continue to become. Learning is the process of being in the world.

non-learning, non reflective learning and reflective learning.

Human Learning: The combination of processes whereby the whole person – body (genetic, physical and biological) and mind (knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, emotions, beliefs and senses): experiences a social situation, the perceived content of which is then transformed cognitively, emotively or practically (or through any combination) and integrated into the person’s individual biography resulting in a changed (or more experienced) person.

five elements
1. person in the world
2. person experiencing the world
3. transforming the content of the experiencing the world
4. transforming the person experiencing the world
5. changed person in the world

Disjuncture occurs when our biographical repertoire is no longer sufficient to cop automatically with our situation, so that our unthinking harmony with our world is disturbed and we feel unease.

way of learning:
– hearing
– seeing
– smelling
– tasting
– touching

initial learning / post initial learning

It is not the sensation that is committed to memory but the meaning of the sensation

Self-learning / Intentional learning

Fluid and crystallized intelligence

Types of learning


  • Presumption ( when you believe that something is true without having any proof)
  • Pre-conscious learning

Disjuncture, when we at ease with our disjuncture

Disjuncture, when we feel that the outside world is putting pressure on us (external changes)

  • Rejection and non-consideration
  • Non-reflective learning (classical learning?)
  • Thoughtful and reflective learning

Disjuncture, when we wish to change our world in some way (internal changes)

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